Bellvill South High Education Trust



The Education Trust promotes high academic achievement for all students, educators & parents. Our goal is to equip them with the necessary tools & skills; arming them to become a proud member of the global community.


Our vision is to create a conducive education environment & support infrastructure to enable every person to realise their full human potential and, their full academic potential.

The BSH Education Trust were founded in 2015 by a group of 80’s alumni that saw it fit to give back to their Alma mater in formal and structured manner. Hence, BSHET were launched as a legal entity to manage the skills and finances steered toward our former high school. We have an office on the school premises which makes it easier to assess the needs of the school, learners and educators. 

We believe that we as alumni must plough back our acquired skills and resources first as a our giving back to the school we attended and the larger community we stem from, then we can approach businesses or funders for financial assistance supporting our educational support projects.

 Hence, one of our projects is the #R99DOnate campaign where encourage our alumni to make a monthly contribution of of R99 to the BSH Education Trust. These R99 (rand) contributions are then channeled toward our annual bursary program based on academic merit awarded to the Top 10 pupils in each grade.  We are grateful to have an alumni core that we can truly say are #proudlyBSH. 

Our office also serves as a study hall as well as a venue where workshops are conducted with our bursary holders or other partners that share the vision of our educational support initiative. 

Contact us on 021 802 5884 or